First pulp_ostree 2.0 alpha release!

Pulp_ostree 2.0.0a1 has been released.
It is compatible with pulpcore 3.15 and 3.16.

With this first alpha release, users can:

  • Synchronize content from a remote OSTree repository and serve it via Pulp.
  • Import new OSTree commits to an existing Pulp repository.
  • Consume content imported to Pulp by leveraging the ostree utility.

Note that this plugin is heavily under development. Expect many bug fixes and new features to come.

PyPI: pulp-ostree · PyPI
Changelog: Changelog — Pulp OSTree 2.0.0a1
Docs: Documentation — Pulp OSTree 2.0.0a1 documentation
Python bindings: pulp-ostree-client · PyPI
Ruby bindings: pulp_ostree_client |