Do we need an icon to indicate external links?

I’ve tried a few times to add a GitHub button to the website as requested in

I had tried with ribbons and buttons, and none looked great to be honest.

I took the Foreman website’s one, and it works the best of all those I’ve tried.

The issue I’ve hit with the ribbon is that in our website’s CCS, we define the use of a pop out icon for external links. I’ve always thought this looks… not great. You can see examples of this on our homepage:

In this PR, I’ve tested removing them. Here is a preview of the site:

A survey of all links on the site shows that we point to items within our ecosphere. Matrix and Github are external to the Pulp website, but they are still places to find Pulp related things. We’re not pointing anyone to a place that is unrelated to the project, unfamiliar, or undescribed.

I argue that we don’t really need this icon.

Could you let me know if you care about this?

  • Keep the external link icon
  • Remove the external link icon

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