Django 4.2 coming with Pulpcore 3.25

Pulp currently uses the Django 3.2 LTS release. Support for it will end in April, 2024. Django 4.2 LTS release is scheduled for April, 2023[0]. Upgrading to Django 4.2 will require code changes in pulpcore and the plugins.

pulpcore 3.25 release will include backwards incompatible changes in the Plugin API. Plugins will already be making code changes to stay compatible. This provides an opportunity to introduce Django 4.2. If our release cadence doesn’t change, pulpcore 3.25 will be available by August, 2023. However, it is possible that it will be delivered earlier.

As a result of this change, Pulp is going to require PostgreSQL to be at version 10 or higher. Stay tuned to this thread to learn more about other changes we discover along the way.

[0] Django 4.2 release notes - UNDER DEVELOPMENT | Django documentation | Django


I created a Draft PR just for experimenting and understand which issues we could face when upgrading Django to the 4.x branch.

And, we can see that we’ll have to deal with some dependencies. [noissue] Bump django to 4.1 branch · pulp/pulpcore@e467735 · GitHub


Based on Decko’s work i created two draft PR’s.
First to update to Django 4.2:

and a second one to bump psycopg to version 3 too:

It would be very helpful if plugin writers started testruns against these branches [0] in order to catch and resolve some issues before we actually release 3.25.

[0] Git — Pulp Project 3.23.2 documentation

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