Discourse Events plugin request

Hey team,

I really really like the Foreman events Calendar. I’ve been using it for a long time and it is great: https://community.theforeman.org/c/events/l/calendar

It’s the Discourse calendar plugin plus the Discourse events plugin. It allows for a lot of interactivity and replies on the event - for example, if there’s a recording, people can discuss follow ups or give feedback.
I checked and we don’t have this plugin installed in Discourse.
I can’t remember if we discussed it already.
I would really like if we could install this plugin and avail of the options on Discourse.
Would this be possible?


So I searched and found that we have 1 plugin installed already. And I found where this is done in the Dockerfile.

I do not want to bore people too much with technical details, but right now, we do not have a proper mechanism to have a different set of plugin per discourse install. On top of that, the current setup requires @jtrossba to change the base image (as I do not have access to that repo, which I guess is something we should change, as asking to our ex-intern is not scalable).

Since we have 1 single instance (this one), this is not a problem in practice, but something we have to keep in mind as we are working on automating the setup (since right now, it was installed, but managing is done outside of any system, and that’s bad™ .

So which plugin are we talking about, as it seems there is 2 of them:

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Hey @misc thanks so so much.

^ This is the one I am hoping for, and what we use in Foreman.

As an aside, if you are going to automate the deployment of other instances for other communities, can you include a set of plugins or does that complicate things? I’m asking because the Foreman community discourse has been up and running for quite a few years and uses a few plugins. I can share a list with you if they would be useful to consider for knowing what to include.

Edit: I’m unsure if I’m clear but what I mean is if you’d be interested in knowing the list of plugins Foreman uses so you could add it to the boilerplate discourse you might be deploying in future to avoid people like me coming along and asking for more later :slight_smile:

So, once we start automating (for now, I am still at the basic steps of having bricks to automate that (here and here), we will take in account the need for multiple plugins, yes.

However, experience show that the more plugins you have (be it on discourse, wordpress, jenkins or anything), the more likely you will experience a breakage upon upgrade, especially for out of tree plugins, so I think we might want to have at least some list of safe plugins, based on how maintained they are, etc, etc.

Software curation is a problem that take ressources (we work for a company whose main business is that, so we should know that :slight_smile: )

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