Discontinuation of pulp-list and pulp-dev mailing lists

I believe we’ve fully transitioned to discourse and it’s time to shut down the mailing lists. This has been the original goal from the start, and here are two things I think about suggesting now is a good time to do it:

  • There has been almost no traffic in months, yet a lot on discourse
  • The active users from the mailing lists also seem present on discourse now too

At pulpcon today it was proposed that we switch them into read-only mode at the end of the month. This would still allow them to be searchable. FYI you can search them here: Getting Help | software repository management

I’d like to use this thread to ask for (a) concerns and (b) coordination in working towards this goal. Here are the steps I think we should take.

  1. Email pulp-list and pulp-dev identifying the timeline and pointing users to this thread.
  2. Updating pulpproject.org (the site) to point users to discourse instead of the mailing list. Keep the "old mailing list search ".
  3. Switch the mailing lists into read-only mode and to not accept new users at the end of Nov 2022.