Containers Upgraded to CentOS 9

Hi Pulp users and plugin developers,

About a month ago, the containers we publish were upgraded from CentOS Stream 8 to CentOS Stream 9.

This was done for the following reasons:

  • We can now build the “pulp”, “galaxy”, “pulp-minimal”, and “galaxy-minimal” containers with newer versions of Python. Already, upgraded from Python 3.8 to 3.9.
  • The CI container that plugin developers develop against can now be published with multiple versions of Python, as separate image tags, if developers request it.
  • The OS upgrade offers miscellaneous improvements across the board to the dependencies of pulp as well as the webserver and database.
  • If users request us to add an additional RPM package to the container, we can more likely do so.
  • Python 3.8 is going to go End-Of-Life in October 2024 anyway.

If you are a Pulp user using the Pulp application containers, (“pulp”, “galaxy”, “pulp-minimal”, or “galaxy-minimal”), there is no change in the naming or tagging scheme of the containers you use. The latest containers are built on EL9 / Python 3.9.

If you are a plugin developer using the CI container, be aware of the following renames and availability concerns.:

  • The EL8 container is still called pulp-ci-centos, but only version 3.45 and earlier are being published. We plan to resume publishing this soon.
  • The EL9 container is called pulp-ci-centos9.
  • The EL9 container is being published with the recommended version of python as the “latest” tag, as well as the usual pulpcore version tags like “3.49” and “3.49.1”.
  • The EL9 container is also being published with the specific python version appended to the pulpcore version string. So “3.49-python39” and “3.49.1-python39” exist.
  • The EL9 container will be published with Python 3.11 soon.

Also for plugin developers, note that the plugin-template has been updated for these changes.

-The Pulp Deployers team