Config.repo id and repository name

Hello guys,
I would like to have different values for the repo-id and name in the automatically generated config.repo file.
Which is the smoothest way to do that?


Thanks in advance!

Currently Pulp chooses the repo-id for you. There is an open issue to at least have Pulp ensure it chooses a valid repo-id:

This issue has not received a lot of attention, but should be pretty straight forward to work on.

If you have a use case that goes beyond what the existing issue asks for, perhaps consider adding a comment describing your use case.


Hey Tobber,

There’s no way to do that (currently) - the file is generated dynamically when requested, and there aren’t any knobs to turn on how it’s done.

You can see the code that handles this here

You could open an RFE requesting this, and explain your use case.

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Posts that cross in the night - thanks for this @quba42 , I didn’t know about that issue.

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