Can't access content on freshly built pulp3-source-fedora36 box (or any other box tried)

Description of the problem

When I try to access my distributions on the content app of my dev box at I just get “404: Not Found”.

Additional information

  • The only thing that does not seem to work right is accessing the distributed content.
  • Trying to use IP addresses instaed of box name makes no difference.
  • Using https:// yields “unable to connect” but since the box was built with pulp_webserver_disable_https: true that is expected.
  • The basic problem exists with both boxes using nginx as well as apache.
  • One special oddity of the Apache box, is that I can see the list of content at URL/pulp/content, but not at URL/pulp/content/. However if I navigate to one of the listed repos I get “Not found” (with and without trailing /).
  • On the nginx box URL/pulp/content redirects to URL/pulp/content/ which then gives 404.
  • I can see requests coming in via pjournal when I try to access content.

About affected boxes

Several ATIX developers have independently reported similar issues on boxes old and new, but I have re-tested everything on a pulp3-source-fedora36 box that I built this morning using latest main branch for pulp_installer, pulpcore, and all used plugins.

The weirdest reported effect concerns a box that is being used as an external Pulp node of a Katello development environment: It seems here the distributions created by Katello can be browsed, but those created from within the pulplift box can not (really weird)!

Hey quba42 - it’s a bug in an installer role. I believe it specifically affects apache setups(incorrect, I hit it on nginx as well just now). See Ansible-installer: CONTENT_PATH_PREFIX handling broken - #3 by ggainey for details; I think there’s already a PR in review to address it.


Just wanted to post your workaround from the pulp-dev chat one more time:

Until the pulp_installer fix is merged, an existing affected dev environment can be fixed by setting CONTENT_PATH_PREFIX = '/pulp/content/' in /etc/pulp/ and then running prestart!

The setting in affected boxes is missing the trailing slash… Easy to fix, if you know.