Building software using pulp


Pulp is still new to me, reading the docs i feel a little bit more aware of what it does.

What i seek is to aquire packages from github and distribution repositories and rebuild them in-line with specific prefix, architecture, compiler optimisations etc.

Expected outcome:

custom built packages with source from established repositories

Pulpcore version:

Pulp plugins installed and their versions:

Operating system - distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

Hi @commandline-be, apologies for the late reply.

Pulp is a repository management tool, it lets you manage already built packages, organize them into repositories and distribute. In general, Pulp does not provide any building capabilities, though plugins can decide to implement it.
The only one Iā€™m aware of is the container plugin
Build an OCI image from a Containerfile ā€” Pulp Container Support 2.10.0 documentation .


@commandline-be , Pulp solves the problem of where to put the result of your build. That task is called artifact management.

custom built packages with source from established repositories

need to be stored somewhere and indexed so you know which version to pull. Typically, every build system will have a different way of organizing the output, so it is wonderful that pulp plugins support so many formats.
I used to support a commercial product called Artifactory which does the same thing, for an astronomically high price.