Archiving Pulp 2 plugin code

I was never a huge fan of keeping two separate code bases (Pulp2 and Pulp3) within a single pulp plugin repository. Since Pulp 2 is now long dead (at least I have entirely forgotten any Pulp 2 code base knowledge I ever had), I was wondering if there was any chance of splitting out the Pulp 2 code from the active plugin repositories to be archived read only for posterity somewhere?

Just to have something to look at, I have created a pulp2_deb repository containing only the Pulp 2 version of pulp_deb on my GitHub space:

Of course, what I am really after is not to have a nice to look at pulp2_deb museum, but to get rid of those branches and tags from, so I never need to spend another second looking at them in some git branch --all output.

So my question is: Other than the one time cost of moving things around, is there any reason not to archive Pulp 2 plugin code in some read only repository somewhere?

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+1 to moving any Pulp2 components to their own repos and putting them into read only mode. It likely would be easier to keep N Pulp2 repos instead of putting everything in 1. Thanks for bringing this up!

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To be precise it is in maintenance mode until November 2022 EOL.

That is actually very good to know/relevant. I guess then what I have described could be a Christmas project?

We’re working on the announcement with a specific date of EOL. We’ve been long preparing users for this with the migration procedure which also will be EOL end of this year Pulp-2to3-migration plugin end-of-life (EOL) date - #5 by ipanova

Only if it is done with a glass of eggnog or mulled wine!

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