Any experience on how to contact an upstream project?

I have been working on this pulp_deb issue:

I managed to verify that patching pulp_deb's the python-debian dependency with this upstream fix fixes the problem, so this is really an issue in the upstream library.

I have registered for an account on the upstream GitLab instance (pending admin approval), so I might ask these good folks when we might expect a release of the patch. Since I am not sure how long it will take to get a hold of them that way, I was wondering if there might be some other tried and tested method for contacting upstream projects?

I was thinking about joining some Debian IRC channels but there are tons of them: IRC - Debian Wiki

Ideas? Insights?

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Last time I had to interact with python-debian maintainers (, I did so purely via mail on that bug and Stuart was quick to answer and provide help and discuss matters.

I actually don’t see any bug/request for zstd in the list of bugs for src:python-debian, so it might be a good idea to file one, pointing at the PR in question.

That said, if you want irc, I’d try #debian-devel, #debian-dpkg, #debian-apt or #debian-python, not exactly sure which one first tho – probably dpkg.