Ansible plugin "client_url"

I’m testing ansible plugin. After the distribution is created, a content host entry is added to the “client_url” field. This entry is different from “content_origin” and points to a link like https://
Is this normal behavior or am I making a mistake when setting it up?
The doc has
it is indicated that the link will be formed from “content_origin” , but this does not happen :frowning:

I believe, that is OK. The ‘client_url’ is not pointing to the content app, but to the galaxy api that will eventually redirect to the actual artifact in the content app.
(I’m assuming here, you are asking for confusion, not that something is not working, right?)


In my installation, this link does not work. is the content server address. It doesn’t listen to port 443.

So that might be an issue. I think the pulp_ansible code expects to use https.
I don’t remember if that is configurable.