Monitor download of on-demand content in pulpcore

With pulp2 I could see when pulp went to download rpms for clients in a repo set to on-demand.

I think I have debug logging turned on for all pulpcore components and see no messages anywhere about when it has to go download an on-demand rpm for a client.

I would like to monitor when it goes and downloads something because we have a not-100% reliable internal web proxy that it has to go through and I want to know when downloads fail.

Any idea what I need to turn on, or what I need to do to be able to get logs of on-demand downloads and failures in pulpcore?

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Hi @nixfu. I checked the code and it doesn’t look like we are logging that information presently.

Could you file an issue?

Edit: I went ahead and filed an issue since I haven’t seen one reported in the past two weeks: Issue #9492: Content app doesn't log where it gets on-demand content - Pulp